Mercedes-Benz rising sales prove Mercedes Benz car hire is a solid choice for motorists who want to try cars from the German manufacturer

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The UK arm of Mercedes-Benz recently announced that their like-for-like sales in January 2012 increased by 20%. Mercedes Benz car hire is another popular way for motorists to delve into the world of Mercedes-Benz without having to make a purchase.

There is something to suit everybody with super car hire from Mercedes-Benz:

  • Fast and furious :
    The Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe has captivated the imagination of many motorists across the world, getting accolades from celebrity fans such as Jeremy Clarkson and Jay Leno. When a motorist decides to hire a car in England, the first choice should always be the SLS AMG Coupe because it is a sleek and focused example of high specification luxury that only Mercedes-Benz and AMG can build. The top speed of the SLS AMG Coupe sits at a regal 197 mph while the acceleration time of 0 – 60 mph is achieved in just 3.8 seconds. For drivers who want to be at the cutting edge of luxury driving, Mercedes-Benz is the perfect choice.
  • Utility :
    The German car manufacturer also knows that there is a significant cross section of drivers who might want to choose a utility car every now and then for car hire. The Mercedes-Benz Viano is a popular choice for motorists who need a car that is up to scratch for utility. This is seen through performance features such as the top speed of 108 mph. Mercedes-Benz thought about convenience for heavy duty motorists who need support such as working parents, as the Viano’s fuel type is petrol which is convenient and budget friendly for car hire.
  • Comfort :
    Impressing clients for work or needing a car that suits comfort needs is not difficult during car hire with Mercedes-Benz motors such as the C63 Saloon from the German car brand. There is comfort for the driver with the adjustable steering column that can be tilted and turned any way to ensure safe and easy driving, as well as the passengers with electric and heated seats for any time of year. A sun roof and privacy glass are two more features of the C63 Saloon that highlight Mercedes-Benz dedication to comfort for motorists who want to feel at home during car hire.

Car hire from Mercedes-Benz is another step in the right direction for motorists who want to join the exclusive club of people who drive the best cars from Mercedes-Benz.

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Volkswagen – a German Car With British History

Author: Luna Mohanty

Volkswagen owes its post-war existence largely to one man, British Army officer Major Ivan Hirst, REME. In April 1945, KdF-Stadt, and its heavily bombed factory were captured by the Americans, and subsequently handed over to the British, within whose occupation zone the town and factory fell. The factory was placed under the control of Oldham-born Hirst.

At first, the plan was to use it for military vehicle maintenance. Since it had been used for military production, and had been in Hirst’s words a “political animal” rather than a commercial enterprise, the equipment was in time intended to be salvaged as war reparations. Hirst painted one of the factory’s cars green and demonstrated it to British Army headquarters.

Short of light transport, in September 1945 the British Army was persuaded to place a vital order for 20,000. The first few hundred cars went to personnel from the occupying forces, and to the German Post Office.

Some UK Service personnel were allowed to take their VW Beetles’ back to the UK when they were demobilized, and one of the very first Beetles brought back in that way (UK registration index JLT 420) is still owned by Peter Colborne-Baber, the son of the original proprietor of the UK’s first official Volkswagen Importer, Colborne Garages of Ripley, Surrey.

By 1946 the factory was producing 1,000 Volkswagen cars every month, a remarkable feat considering it was still in disrepair. Due to roof and window damage, rain stopped production and steel to make the cars had to be bartered for new vehicles.

So, what is Major Ivan Hirsts legacy? In 2008 Volkswagen is recognized as one of worlds leading automotive brands, with Volkswagen Car Services centres spanning the globe, offering new models every other year, and supporting these with Volkswage Parts and Servicing departments. They are also leading the environmental battle with their
partnership with Mercedes and other companies to market BlueTec clean diesel technology, calling it BlueMotion.

Quite some progress from such humble beginnings.

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Behind The German Cars’ Success

Author: Sonny Terry

Who has never dreamed of owning a German car? If you think of it, everybody has been dreaming about it! It has always been a part of everyone’s dream of being able to ride in a speeding Porsche, or a cruising Mercedes, or rest in the comforts of a rugged Audi. Whatever German car you covet, each car is definitely a winner.

Although most people dream of bringing home a German car, some people have considerable apprehensions in acquiring one. A major factor that contributes to this apprehension is the support that they would get if ever they will have one. They’re afraid that the moment their car conks out, they would have to say goodbye to thousands of dollars because they couldn’t find a repair shop good enough to fix their car.

For one negative side, there is always a positive side. So many auto shops are now catering to German cars. Some even specialize in servicing and maintaining German cars alone. Of course it also has something to do with the prestige that a fully accredited German auto shop would get.

The parts that are needed to replace old ones are very much available. So you don’t have to worry if a cable, a light, a break pad, and other parts of a vehicle get broken because these parts are replaceable and materials that would replace them abound. For those parts that are still covered under the warranty, they would be replaced with new parts.

Automotive repair Atlanta has to offer is highly reliable even for foreign cars. This is a certainty because mechanics undergo rigid training from the car makers themselves, ensuring they give proper diagnosis and troubleshooting.

The numerous cars that need services and maintenance make Atlanta automotive a blooming industry. Also, the reputability of the service rendered is unequivocal, makes it a highly attractive venture in Atlanta.

German auto repair Atlanta shops has highly flourished with the increase in number of persons buying German cars. This is not only attributed to the attention that is given to German cars but also to the unrelenting service that the auto shops render to the car owners.

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